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Posted on 17th June, 2019

5 Top Tips For Planning A Last Minute Wedding

Getting married is a big deal, and for most couples, it isn’t something to be rushed. Whilst the majority of weddings have months, sometimes even years, of planning going into them, some couples might instead opt for a last minute wedding. Whether you are planning your wedding in months or weeks, there is a load of stuff to be done in a short space of time. Organising an entire wedding party last minute is stressful and will take some serious time and effort if you want your big day to go off without a hitch. We’re sharing our top tips for planning a last minute wedding and our wedding team’s expert advice on how to make sure everything is ready for your dream wedding day.

1. Set Your Budget

Even a last minute wedding needs a set a budget and before you begin planning any other aspects of your day, you need to know how much you are willing to spend and can realistically afford. Sit down with your partner, and your families if they are contributing, and set an overall budget for the entire wedding. Think carefully about the timescale, as last minute weddings often don’t give you much time to save up. You should also remember to add a bit of a buffer to your budget, as every wedding comes with some unexpected costs.

2. Find Your Dream Venue

One of the biggest dilemmas with planning a last minute wedding is finding a venue that isn’t already booked up. Many popular venues and dates will be booked months, sometimes even years in advance, and trying to get a last minute date can be a struggle. Try to be flexible about your date if you can, as this will give you a lot more freedom when choosing a venue. Keep an eye out for late availability deals and special offers, as many venues will offer deals on their remaining dates. One thing to be sure to check when choosing a wedding venues is reviews and comments from previous wedding couples, they can provide some really useful insights into how the venue run things on the big day.

3. Send Your Invites ASAP

When you plan a wedding last minute, you will need to accept that some guests will already have plans and might not be able to make it. If you have the time to design, print and send paper invitations then do these as soon as possible, but if your wedding is just a couple of weeks away, then pick up the phone or send out e-invites.

4. Organise Your Suppliers

Just like with venues, suppliers also get booked up quite far in advance. Start looking for suppliers such as photographers, decor companies, and cake makers as soon as you can. To save yourself some time and effort, look for a venue that offers catering as well, leaving you one less thing to book and organise! Most venues will also have a list of suppliers that they recommend, so ask your venue if they have any advice for you.

5. Get Your Wedding Gear

When it comes to last minute wedding attire, you are going to have to purchase off the rack, and look for dresses and suits that don’t require many alterations. Choosing to rent suits and tuxes can be a better idea than buying as they offer more flexibility. When it comes to a wedding dress last minute, don’t panic as plenty of bridal shops will carry quite a large range of dresses that are available immediately, just be sure to ask them to only show you dresses you can take home straight away.

If you’re planning your last minute wedding for 2019, get in touch with The Abbey’s dedicated wedding team to find out about our late availability dates. We can help you organise everything from catering to decor, and our all inclusive wedding packages make planning a wedding, even in a short time frame, easy and stress free. Contact our wedding team here and arrange a show round to see our stunning event suites and landscaped gardens.

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