Malvern Hills
Posted on 10th October, 2017

The best Autumn walks in the Malvern Hills

Autumn is the perfect season to get outdoors and enjoy everything that nature has to offer. Crunching through fallen leaves and soaking in colourful woodland scenes are just some of the benefits of heading out for a crisp afternoon stroll. The Three Counties offer loads of delightful spots for walking, but the Malvern Hills are by far the most impressive with their unbeatable views across the English countryside. Grab your scarf and walking boots and check out our top Autumn walks in the Malvern Hills:

Worcestershire Beacon

Located in the northern section of the hills, the Worcestershire Beacon is the highest point and a fairly short hike from the town centre of Great Malvern. Be prepared for some stiff climbing, and head up St Ann’s Road passed the Red Lion Pub, continue up Happy Valley which will turn to a rough stony track after a while. This is the quickest route to the Worcestershire Beacon, which sits at 425m and has a toposcope showing a plan of the views that can be seen on a clear day.

British Camp

British Camp is located in the south of the hills and is a bit more secluded than other areas. You can get the bus or drive to the British Camp car park and then head up the hill from there. There are multiple routes from the car park; we recommend taking the second path nearest the road and bearing left along a level track above the reservoir. At the end of this track you can head to Giants Cave, a tiny, man-made cave that was excavated into pillow lavas. You can then head to the hill top by the steps. The scenic route offers benches to stop for a rest, or bring a picnic and enjoy the view from the top.

End to End

Follow the top of the Malvern Ridge all the way from Chance End in the south to North Hill and experience the full beauty of the Malvern Hills. This is not a circular route so make sure you plan a return trip when you get to the end of the walk. It is not a trail fit for inexperienced walkers as it covers over 9 miles and takes around 5 hours to complete, but the breathtaking views and glorious scenery is well worth the effort.


This is a leisurely route that will take you through the pretty village of White Leaved Oak and the dramatic vista along the backbone of the Malvern Hills. Starting from the car park near the hamlet of Hollybush, the walk makes a figure of eight around Midsummer Hill to the north and Ragged Stone Hill to the South.

Whichever trail you chose to tackle this Autumn, make sure you have a comfortable base to relax and rest your feet after a long day. Book in at The Abbey and enjoy stunning views of the hills and the Vale of Evesham, whilst making the most of the luxurious four star facilities. Make a long weekend of it with our 3 nights for the price of 2 offer. Book online now or call us 01684 879193 on for more information.




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