Posted on 23rd January, 2014

A day in the life of an HR Administrator

“What do you do?” A question I get asked on countless occasions as my role is rather varied and I get to wear “many hats!”

As the Human Resources Administrator at the Abbey Hotel in Great Malvern, a typical day for me includes …

I’m focussing on the preparation of an induction programme for a new employee joining The Abbey next week. It’s essential to be organised and I give careful consideration, in liaison with the management team, to guarantee specific needs of individuals are met.

Our Company Induction offers a warm welcome to Sarova Hotels and The Abbey ensuring everyone understands our culture and goals from the very beginning. How we deliver our product and the exceptional customer service we expect is particularly important and is presented during Departmental Induction. New employees are introduced to an experienced colleague who will “show them the ropes” and help them integrate into their new working environment and team.

As part of our staff development, we are committed to supporting them in improving skills and expanding expertise.

I’ve been reviewing our training schedule for the next few months with the HR Manager and am organising some of the in-house and off-site training as well as e-learning.

We offer a range of opportunities for training and development all of which are important to gain skills and knowledge to support our staff in responding to the demands of their role.

Today I’ve arranged refresher food safety and first aid training for the kitchen and food and beverage teams as part of our health and safety plan. In addition, we propose that our Sales Manager will carry out “Showround” training which is an exciting opportunity for front of house staff to gain tips, techniques and confidence in meeting and building a rapport with potential clients.

Our staff party is fast approaching and I’m organising some fantastic prizes for our raffle. Decorations for our “Wild West” theme have to be ordered – there are so many things to choose from!

Of course, throughout the day I’m balancing the needs of the staff and managers (changing hats!), juggling priorities, talking, listening and learning.  I love having the opportunity to work with and meet different people every day and it’s great to know that what I do can impact on others lives in a positive way.


Lisa Chambers

HR Administrator at The Abbey, Great Malvern, Worcestershire

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