Posted on 23rd August, 2022

Let’s talk about the walk: Dog Friendly places in Great Malvern

You’ll be surprised at the amount of just-around-the-corner places there are which are Dog-friendly in Great Malvern, with quiet and scenic, lush green walks, your doggy fur friend would feel more than welcome for a stay! 

Now, all fur friends come in various sizes. Small dog breeds such as Shih Tzu’s and other small cute dogs or breeds are welcome to visit The Priory. Even medium to larger dog breeds if they aren’t too noisy, which makes a pleasant surprise as there are only a few historical and religious sites that are dog-friendly.

Dog-friendly restaurants? Let us take the lead, here is a list of establishments that welcome all types of little friends to wine and dine.

The Abbey Hotel is a luxurious stay for dog owners as there are multiple hiking trails to see the natural beauty of the Malvern.

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