Posted on 25th July, 2019

Throwback Thursday Of The Abbey and Malvern

Happy Throwback Thursday!  The stunning town of Malvern has been around for many centuries and it is no surprise that the area is full of some rich and interesting ancient tales. It is now home to a number of historic artifacts and destinations that make Malvern a great place to visit for some interesting British background. Delve deep into the history of Great Malvern and The Abbey as there are many things that you may not know already.

Geologist currently think that the earth was formed roughly 4,000 Millennia ago. The islands on the earth gradually moved at huge distances around the world until where they are today. Approximately 600 Millennia ago, an eruption of hot lava under the sea formed, which formed the Malvern Hills.

Most visitors of Malvern head to hike the Malvern Hills and take advantage of the breathtaking views. The most popular destination on the hills is the British Camp – the Iron Age hill fort that dominates the Herefordshire Beacon. The ramparts are clearly still visible today, yet being over 2,000 years old.

Malvern has seen some well-known visitors in its time, some of which come to Malvern for a holiday and to enjoy the British countryside. In 1830 the Duchess of Kent brought Princess Victoria at the age of 12 for a holiday in Great Malvern, where they stayed at Holly Mount Mansion on Worcester Road. Charles Darwin also took his 10 year old daughter to Malvern, whom unfortunately fell ill and passed away. She was buried in the Priory churchyard. Thankfully her grave has been restored by the Malvern Civic Society so you can still visit it today.

Not only does Great Malvern have a remarkable history but The Abbey does to! During the World War II, The Abbey was first taken over by the Ministry of Information, who held many meetings in our Shaw Suite. Which lead to the whole of The Abbey to be headquarters to Belgian refugees before taken over by the RAF. The Abbey later extended to accommodate more guests and more meeting spaces were built for extra conference and banqueting facilities, including our largest event space, Elgar Suite.

The remarkable history of The Abbey Hotel, its impressive architecture and stunning position in the spa town of Great Malvern combine to make your stay especially memorable. You can learn more about the history of the town and surrounding area by following one of our recommended guided or self-guided walks around Malvern.

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