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Posted on 31st March, 2020

Top Tips For Home Schooling Your Kids

Many parents have been left worrying about their children’s education as the Coronavirus pandemic has shut schools all across the country. With little experience in educating little ones, it can be a daunting prospect that you are responsible for their learning for the foreseeable future. Not only do you need to ensure they are keeping up their studies, you also need to juggle full time child care with your existing commitments. Whether you are working from home, volunteering for those in need or running your household, home schooling your children as well isn’t always easy. We are sharing our top tips to make at home education a little bit easier;

Choose A School Space

Both you and your children will find it easier to focus and concentrate when you have an area of your home dedicated to home schooling. Choose a quiet room or space in your house and make that your home schooling location. Your kids will be able to clear their minds of distractions and focus on their learning when you create them a dedicated space to use every day.

Set A Timetable

Just like a normal school day, you kids will benefit from the structure of a timetable. Create a plan for the week ahead and make sure all the topics are covered throughout. It is essential you schedule in regular breaks and try to get the kids outside for some fresh air as and when you can.

Plan And Prioritise

Anyone who is not a trained teacher will struggle trying to plan and teach an entire curriculum. It is important to set realistic goals for your children’s learning, and prioritise the core subjects such as maths and English. There are loads of great online resources to help with basic lessons, and you can even plan in some more unique learning methods such as watching Horrible Histories or Blue Planet.

Embrace The Opportunity

Try your best to see this whole experience from your children’s perspective and think of how you can best optimise it for them. Make the most of having a small class, which means your children don’t have to compare themselves to their peers. They can focus on their own progress and doing their best work. One great way of enhancing their understanding is to switch the classroom dynamic. After a lesson, swap it round and ask them to teach you what they have learnt, they can spend some time planning the lesson and delivering it to you.

Home schooling might just be the dream job you never expected. Remember to stay positive and never be too harsh on yourself or your class during this unprecedented situation.

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