Posted on 2nd April, 2019

Fantastic service from start to finish!

The food options were excellent, and were flexible enough to cater to the dietary needs of all guests. The wedding dress options were provided by Event Fantastic. Jess made it very easy to tailor the dress to our needs – it was surprisingly effortless on our part, but more on this later.

On the day, our guests were welcomed at the entrance to the hotel by Pavel, our Event Supervisor. He was extremely attentive and nothing was too much trouble. Guests were not left guessing what to do next; he kept everybody well informed, and requests were dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Pavel offered us a chance to see the function suite before the guests saw it. We were blown away by Event Fantastic’s work. It looked opulent; Alison came to greet us and mentioned how wonderful it looked. There was a last minute change too, which was dealt with before guests sat down to eat. He explained the functions of the PA system, so we could play music from a phone with Bluetooth. It worked flawlessly.

Drinks were served immediately, and the meal was served promptly to our hungry guests, who seemed only too happy to devour the delicious food. We loved our food. Requests for extra gravy, and tweaks to dishes were dealt with quickly and without fuss by the catering staff.

It really was a memorable experience, and one neither of us will forget, for all the right reasons! Thank you Alison, Jess (Event Fantastic), and Pavel. A big thanks to the catering staff too – the chefs, and waiters/waitresses who worked so hard to make our event special.

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